I still remember the first day when I came to Montrose. I was terrified, and although when I arrived, I was welcomed by two very kind nurses that made me feel very comfortable, I didn’t trust the team or the process and desperately wanted to go back home.

After a while I got connected more to the community and I still remember that I was sitting on the couch by the fireplace and thinking: ‘’I actually like it here and feel at home’’. That gave me a very warm feeling. I can now say that this was my best decision ever to come here. This place is so amazing. I never felt alone, even in the beginning. There are always the nurses you go to, to cry, or to just ask for a hug or to just tell your struggle. The counsellors are very professional and really know what they are doing and how to treat each person differently in order to get them into the best recovery. Even the kitchen staff. They are there every day and put so much effort and time to give us the best quality of food.

I can tell myself that after my 8 weeks treatment here, I’m not there yet but I made a huge step closer to my normal life. It’s time that I will live my life again and not let my life be lived by my ED. It’s possible to recover when you have been to Montrose. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone.