Coming to Montrose was probably one of the best choices that I am very likely to have made.

I can honestly say that it changed my life, or better, it gave me life. From day one, I trusted this program. The Team is very committed and very caring. The nurses are very loving and compassionate. The lectures are amazing and very helpful. The kitchen staff have made me love food again and that’s a big one!

The environment is breathtaking and the facilities are endless. I have had difficult days here, but then the group always helped me through. The support of the group is totally amazing; all the clients go through the same process so everyone is very understanding and helpful. Sometimes the feedback that you receive from the group is painful, but it really comes from a good place.

If you are open, honest and determined to fight against this illness, then Montrose is certainly the right place to get better! You don’t leave this place with just your suitcase, you leave with the right tools to live a better life.

Dutch Client
19 years old