I stayed at Montrose Manor for twelve weeks, I have gained so much knowledge about myself and my illness in my time there. Before I came to Montrose Manor I didn’t see much of a point in life, and I never thought I could manage being in recovery. I was extremely anxious, about food, about myself, about people and about life itself.

When I came in I struggled immensely, but the team and the nursing staff never gave up on me. They kept being supportive, even when I told them I didn’t want to be at Montrose and I only did it for my parents. Still they gave me advice and support, and they created a home away from home for me.

This treatment was completely different to the treatment I’ve had before. It’s not focused on weight or food, its focused on the problems lying underneath which causes you to use your eating disorder as a coping mechanism.

There is always support, advice and a shoulder to cry on at Montrose. The community works so well, it becomes a family so soon. Being in such a close group of people brings along a lot of lessons. Together with the lectures it has taught me how to interact properly with people, how to be assertive and that you are allowed to take up space and that this is important for your recovery.

I haven’t just learned to eat my meals, I have learned so much more. I have learned why I needed my eating disorder, and therefore how to manage it. Now I have tools to manage my anxiety and depression as well. Montrose Manor has saved my life, and the treatment has been more helpful than I could ever imagine. In conclusion, this treatment has taught me a lot and it has brought me to the best recovery I’ve been in so far.