Booster sessions

We know how difficult recovery from an ED can be and also how important it is to work on specific areas of your recovery. Therefore we have decided to create the option of purchasing bundles of booster sessions.
These bundles can be used to attend a specific course of themed group sessions, online in the comfort of your own home, from anywhere in the world!
These sessions follow a lecture format and will not be chronologically structured, making it possible to miss a session without any pressure of falling behind or needing to catch up.

Participants can select topics that they want to attend and customize a package suitable for their individual needs.

We have identified the following important topics:

  • Transactional analysis (relationship and communication therapy)
  • Body image and self-compassion (Learning to have a better relationship with your body and self)
  • DBT (Dialectical behavioural therapy and tools for coping with dysfunctional behaviour)
  • Relapse prevention (Learning to manage self-destructive behaviours for ongoing recovery)
  • Psychoeducational lectures (Understanding eating disorders)

Individual therapy

Our specialist therapists also offer online or in-person individual counselling.


Once treatment has been completed (inpatient treatment or the intensive outpatient programme) Montrose Manor offers an online support group once a week, free of charge in order to assist with ongoing recovery and to help group members feel connected post discharge.