I came to Montrose Manor after finding the website on google. I was in desperate hopeless place. I’ve had an eating disorder since early childhood and for many years tried to recover in my native country. I was truly stuck, the psychiatric care in Holland has been insufficient too and I didn’t know what to do or where to go for help.

After Skyping with Annemarie and getting funding from my health insurance I took the plunge and left for Cape Town. Initially I was going  for three (3) months but  I ended up staying for six(6)

Here at Montrose I’ve been cared for and safe. I’ve had a great bond with my counsellor and the rest of the team. The approach is loving but by no means soft, precisely what I needed to step up and fight my eating disorder.

This treatment has helped me to find a sense of self worth as well as practical tools needed to recover and deal with everyday life .

Now I truly feel I can begin to live a healthy fulfilling life.

Suzanne – Netherlands 2016