I came to Montrose asking myself “what is life all about?” I didn’t know what I wanted, what I liked or who I was. All I knew was I didn’t want this Eating Disorder that had been dictating me and my life for so long. I felt hopeless and lost.

I had had a lot of treatment before but Montrose provided a different type of approach, changing not just my eating but the way I see and approach life. Montrose gave me all that back.

I found my spirit, passion and a zest for life that my eating disorder had been smothering for so long. It enabled me to access myself, which meant I was able to start to discover who I was and enabled me to apply myself to life on life’s terms. I had options for once. Montrose held me until I was able to hold myself.

Coming to Montrose put me on the right path to Recovery and self-discovery and I am so grateful for such a life changing experience.

UK Client

28 years old