I came to Montrose Manor determined to obtain recovery but lacking the resources. Montrose provided me with not only the resources but a whole new way of life and a newfound acceptance and love for myself that was key to my ongoing recovery process.

This truly changed the way I live and perceive my life.

One of the most important parts of my process was the family work. I was lucky enough that my parents, brother and sisters all came out to see me. There had been a lot of miscommunication and tension as a result of my Anorexia and Addiction and that was addressed and cleared up. I am now able to communicate with them in a much healthier manner.

Montrose not only worked my Anorexia, it helped me to address the consequences of my addiction, alcoholism and Anorexia and to start to ‘spring clean’ every area of my life. It is a program for living a way of life and has taught me how to live mine. I was pretty desperate before I came here as most people tend to be and it has given me a new beginning to life in recovery. It got me back up on my feet and gave me hope.

The staff were always so kind and friendly too, particularly the nurses. Whenever I had a problem I always felt I could speak to them and get the support I needed. All in all it’s been an incredible experience. I won’t lie and say it’s a walk in the park – it’s extremely hard work but worth every second of it for the rewards you can reap.

UK Client

20 years old