As a 45 year old woman, I have struggled for a couple of years with my emotions. Years ago I drank too much alcohol and smoked a lot of cigarettes to push emotions away (but after drinking they came out in a bad way).

I did get some help and go on until I got in trouble again because I could not cope. Then I got some help from a Psychiatric Institute and they got me on my feet again. But then I had to stop smoking and stopped also the drinking because I was afraid to start smoking when I got drunk. That went well but then my ED came along and it took me 3 years (while I had counselors) to realize that I probably had an Eating Disorder.

A Dutch Organisation confirmed my idea about having an Eating Disorder although I had no idea what that exactly was. So 10 days after realising that I had an ED, I flew to Cape Town, to Montrose Manor.

At first I had a difficult time. At home I had lived alone for 11 years and was now in a community. At home I had my own rules; here they had their own rules, most of which I did not understand. But after a while it all made more sense and I could adjust better in the community.

Their lectures were very helpful and so was the community. The other girls (most were younger than me when I arrived) knew about ED and were very helpful and supportive of each other. And of course in every community things happen but that is also good practice. The team kept each other very well informed so that the ED voices got less chance to speak.

My biggest concern was about my Diabetes. The vision about that is different here than at home and that was hard to accept. But still I am going home with a much healthier body, a lot of tools and after care and support. So that gives me the confidence that I can go on with my recovery.

Those two months were tough; but just two months!

So Thanks Montrose!

Dutch Client
45 years old