I had never been to an inpatient treatment centre before so when I arrived at Montrose Manor I had no idea what to expect. To my surprise, I was welcomed into a calm, friendly environment; not austere, but warm – for the next few months I would come to view Montrose Manor as home.

I was under no illusion that treatment would be tough and it was. However, the care of the nursing staff and the professionalism of the clinical team gave me the confidence to throw myself into the program wholeheartedly.

Montrose Manor’s holistic program truly covers all bases of eating disorder recovery and additional help was offered to cater to my specific needs and to assist my process. These integrated aspects of the Montrose program have allowed me to gain insight, understand and overcome my disease – I am eternally grateful for that.

Have I changed as a person? Maybe not; but I’ve managed to embrace my good, accept my bad, and live a life of integrity. I owe Montrose Manor my life.

UK Client

22 years old