When I arrived at Montrose I felt I had absolutely nothing to live for. What I hoped for was to become a new person – that didn’t happen. Instead I found myself; and I couldn’t be more grateful. Montrose provided a safe space and constant support which enabled me to turn inward and discover myself – the person I’d been desperately running away from my whole life.

The team encouraged me to look at my past and focus on the present and in doing so they opened my eyes to a tangible future. Not only this but a future worth looking forward to and worth working towards; something I had truly given up believing that it existed.

Montrose don’t perform miracles but the work they facilitate is pretty magical. They say recovery begins after treatment and leaving Montrose, I feel well equipped to do that. And what’s amazing is that I’m not doing it alone, because even though I’m going home, as long as I’m in recovery, I’ll always feel connected to this very special place.

UK Client

22 years old