The programme at Montrose is very thorough and comes at your ED from every angle. I found this particularly important. I came to realise just how much my ED plays out in so many aspects of my behaviour and thinking that only a complete programme could have helped challenge my ED while simultaneously supporting me.

The further I progressed through the program the more I came to see just how insightful, experienced and qualified the Counseling Team is. They saw in us, things we would have never seen in ourselves before coming here. They know when to step in and while they seemed forceful or hurtful at times – that was merely my ED panicking about being stamped out.

I have made some incredible friends whilst here and had the most beautiful view each day. I will miss Montrose and all the insight, support and community laughs it has given me. The Team is fantastic, the Nurses caring and atmosphere is something I’ve never experienced before. Judgement was left at the door. It is replaced with understanding, compassion and care. With each mistake I made or struggle I voiced, I was not deemed a bad person and instead was offered insight and understanding of why I behave the way I do and how to challenge the destructive qualities I hold tight alongside my ED.

I have learnt so much and am so thankful that I had the opportunity to come here. I hope to look back one day from a place of strong recovery and see just how vital Montrose was to turning my life around and setting me on the right path.

Client from Germany

27 years old