I arrived at Montrose Manor expecting to be given the opportunity to recover on my terms. Thankfully I discovered how wrong I was pretty quickly.

I came from a different treatment center where I had done 6 weeks of primary care for my Eating Disorder and expected to arrive at Montrose and be able to dictate my own program and meal plan. Quite where this perception sprung from, I do not know.

However very soon the Team taught me that I needed to fully surrender to the process, and trust that my best interest and past experiences were being taken into account. I quickly learned that I could have my say about what was happening with my treatment and that the Team would be receptive, open and honest about how that was used in the decision making process.

Throughout my time at Montrose I have felt respected, heard and above all welcomed. I feel that I could not have begun to be able to continue my life and my recovery if not for the efforts of all the staff here. I am truly grateful and will carry this experience with me for a very long time to come.

UK Male Client
23 years old