I arrived at Montrose Manor in early December 2014 after hitting what must have been rock bottom. I was exhausted. Exhausted from the denial of my depleting state of mind and the lengths I was constantly going to, to hide my problems from myself as well as those closest to me who had been witnesses to what can only be described as the agonizing process of a loved one’s disappearance.

Before coming here I had been warned by a previous client that recovery was going to be one huge rollercoaster ride. Needless to say, for the first few weeks I was merely ‘ticking all the boxes’ but not actually letting anything connect. Of course I had set backs but what these really did was propel me forward. As they say, two steps backwards but one step forward.

My time here at Montrose Manor has been an incredible experience. I have been given the opportunity to live the life I want to live. It has been a space for me to acknowledge my feelings and emotions as part of me and in turn I have accumulated indispensable tools for managing them.

The Team as a whole is always at hand to offer support and I must admit it is a very safe environment which has given me the confidence to hopefully re-create that, no matter which path my life may now follow.

I will always be grateful for my time here and for the fact that Montrose will, somehow, always be by my side.

UK Client
22 years old