I can honestly say that coming to Montrose Manor has been the best decision I have ever made. I’ve been in treatment before (I was hospitalized 2.5 years ago but relapsed and then spent 6 weeks in a primary treatment centre in the UK just prior to coming here) so I didn’t really think that coming to Montrose was necessary when my previous counselor suggested it. However, Montrose has turned my life around.

When I made the decision to come here I had reached the point where I could sit down and eat the meals I was required to when someone kept an eye on me but my life was still governed by my eating disorder and every day was a struggle. Physically I was well but my mind was still stuck on its destructive path.

At Montrose I learnt so much about myself and so many new tools that would help me to manage my eating disorder. I didn’t like all of the things I was being asked to do – in fact I truly hated some of them – but with time and the support of the Team I started to become willing to try doing things differently. Making changes was difficult but soon the tasks that had once seemed impossible became easier and easier.

What I loved about Montrose was that food wasn’t the focus. I learnt to see the way I used food as a symptom of the emotional difficulties I was having. I began to find some self-respect and acceptance of who I am. Being at Montrose wasn’t easy but, thanks to a Team who work incredibly closely together and who are all aware of your process, I always had someone to turn to, to chat to and to find some comfort in.

I made some brilliant friends within Montrose and one of its biggest assets is the incredibly strong desire for recovery within the community. I always felt encouraged and supported to make choices that would boost my recovery. Before Montrose, I was a troubled young girl whose life and thoughts revolved around food. I was constantly afraid and so dissatisfied with who I was.

Now that I’m leaving, I know I still have a lot of work to do and I have matured into a young adult who has the desire and ability to take care of herself. I’ve re-discovered my enthusiasm for life and my values have shifted. My life no longer revolves around food, food has to revolve around my life.

British Client

19 years old