“I had never been to a treatment centre as a way to deal with my eating disorder before I went into Montrose Manor so I did not really know what to expect before going in. I have suffered with my eating disorder for 28 years and, prior to going into Montrose Manor, I had got to a point where I felt I was going insane and was never going to be able to pull myself out of the mess I was in.

I am bulimic and a binge eater/compulsive overeater. My 12 weeks at Montrose Manor helped me to gain some semblance of sanity, clarity, and structure. The regimented food times have helped me to be able to have structure now that I am back home. I was always very confused about portion sizes, especially since I rarely used to have proper meals, only binges, and being at Montrose Manor helped me to understand and be able to “eyeball” correct portion sizes. Now when I want to eat more, I am aware that my body does not actually need the food so there is something else that is going on, which I need to address.

My counsellor was amazing, I felt that she really understood me. Some of the other counsellors were also very good, as were many of the nurses. The groups were mostly helpful. The support groups were very helpful, as were some of the more educational groups/lectures. Although Montrose Manor is far from perfect, my 12 weeks, filled with both tears and laughter, were very precious, and I will always look back on my time there with fond memories. Montrose Manor did not “cure” my eating disorder; having been back for only a week has made me realise that the real challenges I will face are back home in the real world but I can use the clean time I have gained to practice the tools I learned in order to stay well.

The hard work starts now but I feel that I have a strong foundation from which I can continue to build my recovery.”

Mansoureh – UK  2016