I was 21 – a medical student – I was supposed to be having the time of my life. Instead, I couldn’t manage my life. I felt lonely, unhappy and ugly. My therapist referred me to Montrose Manor. Apart from looking up some things on the internet I did not know what to expect. I was terrified to come to the other side of the world – alone – but I had no other options if I wanted to survive in this world.

The beginning was very hard I did not stop crying for two weeks. I didn’t trust anybody, I wasn’t ready to surrender I was so shy in the group. I wanted to go home. I felt powerless but I’m so glad and proud of myself that I stayed. With the help of the sweetest nurses I became more and more open. I started to trust and feel my own power and strength again.

The program is amazing. It is very busy and processes every part of your ED. They’re sometimes hard, but they are hard on your ED. They just want the best for your recovery. You learn to deal with your emotions in a constructive, mature way. In Phase 3 you get the opportunity to practice real life in the flat and you can give back by doing some voluntary work.

It was the hardest but the most beneficial months of my life and I am very hopeful for a happy life now without that little voice in my head!


Belgian Client
21 years old