“The first night I arrived at Montrose, it was a little bit scary because I was picked up at the airport by a man I did not even know. He had my name on his signboard so I needed to trust him. When I arrived at Montrose I was very tired and scared. The nurses were nice and they helped to calm me down. I was a person who hated herself and didn’t talk about feelings. I also found it hard to stand up for myself. Today I’m leaving as a girl who accepts herself for who I am and I’m able to talk about my feelings and to set my boundaries whenever I need them.

I started with surrender to the Team and that was hard and scary because most people don’t trust anyone immediately; but now the Team has built up a huge trust. I trust them for a reason and every decision they make; they make decisions for a reason and I can say that I’m an example that they did a good job because I didn’t dare to dream to feel like this ever in my life.”


Dutch Client
23 years old