Before I come to Montrose I remember reading these testimonials in the hopeless, chaotic state I was in; not believing the testimonials had been written by real people, or that people must have been lieing when they wrote them. I wondered how all of the testimonials could be so positive and how clients could have changed their lives so much there. I stayed at Montrose Manor for three months in total and I can firmly say that Montrose has helped me transform my life. I came in a shy, introverted, confused girl gripped by her eating disorder so strongly that she really couldn’t see a way out. I am leaving adult, responsible for my own health and needs being met, and prepared to cope with life’s ups and downs in a healthy way that doesn’t involve food control. I thought I was so in control when I arrived, but it was quickly obvious that it was just the opposite and I was just completely deluded by my ED. The counsellors are so understanding and kind to you, but they are quite harsh to your ED, which is quite right as it deserves no respect. So things they said over my time here sometimes felt harsh but never judgemental, which helped me to see my ED’s insanity. Everything is run so smoothly and no matter what size the group is, no client ever goes unnoticed or forgotten. I can’t write enough words to say how much I needed Montrose and how much they provided for that need with honesty, patience and understanding.

I would like to thank everyone at Montrose – the counsellors, nurses, administrative staff and drivers who all contributed to my stay and journey of self discovery here in its beautiful location in Cape Town.


UK Client
20 years old