How does one start off with a testimonial which changed your life ? There is so much to say.

I came to Montrose with this Idea in my head that I would get a meal plan and a strict Gym program. To my surprise it was the complete opposite.

What an experience it was for me. In a house with 13 woman and I am the only male. New challenges and learning how to deal, manage and understand my feelings and emotions. It was never about the food.

Since a young age I never knew how to deal with emotions and feelings and thanks to Montrose Manor I have learned and practicing everyday how to challenge my emotions and feelings. Finding new Paths in my head and how to build my self-esteem.

To think that a single place could change and support me with limited time.

Thanks to all the Montrose Staff, counselors and Nurses.

I would recommend Montrose Manor to Anyone.

It is tough to accept your illness,  but it is the best thing I’ve ever done.
HF –  South Africa  2016