Montrose has changed my life.

It was the miracle that I have always looked for to help me recover from my ED which I have suffered from for over 20 years.

It’s approach is tough and loving. The Counseling Team is just phenomenal. Their experience, expertise and knowledge of ED’s are incredible and they are able to help each client to address and recover from their ED however it may manifest.

I wish every ED sufferer had the opportunity to come to Montrose and experience their program. I feel so very grateful for this gift and miracle of finally combatting my ED after 20 years of trying every other form of therapy.

The Manor is set in the foothills of the Cape Town mountains. The setting is so inspiring and every morning I felt grateful for being alive and in this beautiful country. The facilities from the food to the rooms, pool and sun deck to lounge, gardens to dining area far exceeded my expectations.

Give yourself or your loved ones the miracle of Montrose and a chance to recover from the terrors of ED.

UK Client
37 years old