Full of fear and deniaI upon arrival – unable to see the way forward – the warmth and support of Montrose, the community, the Team I shall never forget that real acceptance of those around me. Something I’m not sure I’ve ever fully experienced before.

It’s been a journey – full of transient “ups and downs”. Something I’ve learnt is that recovery is long – a switch cannot simply be flipped when the problem is so deeply rooted – no big change happened but small moments that perhaps pass me by resonate subconsciously and add up together. Looking back to when I first arrived compared to now as I leave, I am in a different place – a new lease in front of my eyes or perhaps no lease and now, I can just see clearly.

I thank Montrose and am so incredibly grateful for them helping me make my U-turn so that I can venture off on my path. To show me new paths and maps-changing the route my mind has been on.

There are rules and at times freedom feels so far away but this allows for pure internal freedom.” A beautiful and unique experience”. To be and feel exactly what you want-no expectations, no judgements and actually that in itself is real freedom.

I can’t say that I’ve now found myself or that all old fears and anxieties have vanished but through Montrose, I see that I am on the path to discovering that.

I’ve been given some guides on survival. I’ve been shown to give myself permission.

In a way I can’t quite describe, Montrose. All here have given me one of the most incredible gifts and for that I am and always will be very grateful.

UK Client
23 years old