I arrived a broken shell having been trapped in the vicious circle of an Eating Disorder for over 25 years.

Treatment in the UK had done nothing for me; just fed me up, released me and I slipped back worse than before.

Montrose has enabled me to live again.

It has taught me to eat regular meals again; to identify the ED voices and separate them from my own thoughts. I have learned to feel safe, to recognize my anxieties and how my food issues were numbing that. Until Montrose, I thought it was all about the food. The close communication between the whole Team makes Montrose work.

The Team is firm but fair and caring with many years of experience amongst them. I come with nothing but 25 years of regret. I am leaving with an excitement about the next 25 years to discover my hopes and dreams and some of the best friend I will probably ever make.

British Client
42 years old