Going for treatment at Montrose Manor is the best decision I’ve ever made.

I am grateful that I could start my recovery here. I couldn’t have had a better start. Although it’s extremely difficult to be in recovery, Montrose taught me how to manage my feelings and my emotions.

I’ve learned so many new tools to manage my urges and feelings. I thought it would never be possible to have a normal and structured day and although this is only the beginning I feel safe to go back home. It will be difficult and I will have hard moments but Montrose gave me the start to a new life.

The programme is amazing and really helpful. There’s a lot of variety and it has everything to do with mindfulness. It’s a complete programme and it all fits together. Being in the community was also really helpful. It helped me to being less judgmental about myself because I had to share about my struggles and emotions. That is hard in the beginning but I got so much benefit out of it.

The community represents the outside world and it’s a journey I had to make before I started my other journey: going home. It’s a relief to be surrounded by people who understand exactly how I feel and what I’m talking about. The support I received here means a lot to me and I will never forget it. If I have a difficult time now back home I will think about Montrose and my stay here. It will give me hope and strength and faith in myself to hold onto my recovery.

Montrose helped me to change my mindset and to transform my life to a safe and peaceful environment for myself.

Thank you.


Dutch Client

26 years old