October 15th2012 was Obesity week in South Africa and Montrose Manor focusses on Binge Eating Disorder and the likelihood that it is one of the main causes of Obesity.

A recent article by Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS) during National Obesity Week made reference to the findings of a Pharmaceutical Company study: Approximately 61% of South African adults are either overweight or obese, and 71% of the obese people in the study actually considered themselves to be a healthy weight. The same article emphasised that education and awareness of the need for lifestyle change are the means to address this misperception; they both provide useful information about what constitutes a healthy weight and how to reduce weight if needs be.

Let us focus on one of the factors which GEMS cites as a contributing factor to obesity:

“Psychological factors”. Some people eat more than they need to when they feel negative emotions about themselves or their lives. Emotional causes of obesity are often overlooked or seen as subsidary, whereas emphasis is often placed on a medical condition which actually results from obesity and an accompanying recommendation for sufferers to change their lifestyle. Although a change in lifestyle is correct advice, it is as inappropriate as telling an anorexic person to simply change their lifestyle and eat more.

What is often perceived as sheer laziness is sometimes a lot more serious and an individual may indeed be suffering from an eating disorder.Obese people who suffer from an underlying eating disorder need specialised help, and medical advice sometimes fails to address the psychological aspects which make a person resistant to change. This is where treatment for eating disorders becomes necessary. The intensive three month residential programme at Montrose Manor and the newly introduced Outpatient Programme both address a person’s underlying eating disorder, the accompanying psychological issues and help the  Client to adopt a rigorous change in lifestyle.

Follow the link (http://www.montrosemanor.co.za) and click on Blog to read an article written by Occupational Therapist Linda Swanepoel entitled Treating Obesity alongside Anorexia and Bulimia. The articlelooks at the similarities between Binge Eating Disorder and Anorexia and Bulimia and how clients with both disorders can be treated alongside each other.