At Montrose we have recognised a need for a supportive care on an outpatient basis, for those struggling with an eating disorder who still need to meet daily obligations of studying or work. This Outpatient Group allows you to gain insight into your illness and embark on a journey of recovery and change while living in your home environment and practicing life on the outside of a treatment centre.


Recovery from an Eating Disorder is a long process, which requires self- compassion, motivation to change and fellowship with others who are on the same journey. This 8 week Outpatient Group is only the start of a long term journey of finding recovery, but will help you to set up ongoing support networks. The group can offer you accountability, support and compassion, as well as challenging unhelpful thinking and behaviour. It is also a containing environment which allows an opportunity to share and connect with others in an authentic way, learn to set appropriate boundaries and practice new ways of expressing and coping with feelings.


The Outpatient Group is an 8 week process with an option to join a support group once the 8 week process is complete. The commitment of an individual to the group is important both for the individual’s process as well as for other members who develop trust in the group as part of their journey. The first step of joining this group is to have an Assessment with the group facilitator to explore appropriateness of group, commitment level and to prepare you for the group process.

Topics Covered

  • Eating Disorders: Signs and Symptoms.
  • The Profile of a person with an Eating Disorder?
  • Body Image and Eating Disorder.
  • Family: How are they affected and how do they contribute?
  • The Drama Triangle: Relationships and Boundaries.
  • Triggers and Troubleshooting: Anticipating the difficulties and doing things differently.
  • Mindfulness, Meditation and DBT tools.
  • What a life in recovery looks like?


Medical aid rates apply for Assessment and Psycho-educational groups.


Montrose Manor

7 Montrose Terrace


Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are also possible, but would be recommended after the 8 week Psycho-educational group is complete.