After attending a primary Eating Disorders unit as a day patient Recovery from Anorexia Nervosain London three times and still being unable to live in recovery from anorexia nervosa, I realised my only chance was to be fully immersed in a treatment programme. I chose Montrose Manor in Cape Town, South Africa, mustering up lot of courage for the challenge of being an 11½ hour plane ride from home and to committing to a three month stay. I was absolutely terrified but knew it would make me finally face up to the illness I have suffered from for the last three years, accepting that yes, I am anorexic.

The denial and tangle of dishonesty, lies and fear I was living in had caused me to suffer overwhelming anxiety in conjunction with my ED. At the beginning I was convinced my primary problem was in fact anxiety, but as my treatment progressed I came to understand the truth behind my lies and the truth behind my struggles.

At Montrose Manor I was supported, accepted and understood and I finally felt safe in the company of those who believed in me.

Its been an incredible experience – unbelievably tough at times and I felt completely hopeless, but I am so grateful to have lived each day striving to overcome something I had previously believed to be totally out of my control.

Through my experience at Montrose Manor I believe I am finally becoming empowered to beat Anorexia Nervosa.

Thank you, Montrose, for saving my life.

UK Client aged 22