1. Testimonial: Tally (UK 2016) - I can remember first walking into Montrose Manor, terrified and broken with no idea what to expect. After over 10 years of living with an eating disorder, I knew it was time to try and let it go for good and I had heard that Montrose Manor was my best bet to help me over-come Read More
  2. Testimonial: Sarah (UK 2016) - While trapped in my eating disorder,  I felt hopeless and despondent. Montrose Manor has helped me to establish a healthy relationship with food and with myself. Treatment here has helped me to build self-esteem and self-worth not based on appearance, and it has set me on a journey of self-acceptance. I’ve learnt more about myself Read More
  3. Testimonial: Mansoureh (UK 2016) - “I had never been to a treatment centre as a way to deal with my eating disorder before I went into Montrose Manor so I did not really know what to expect before going in. I have suffered with my eating disorder for 28 years and, prior to going into Montrose Manor, I had got Read More
  4. Testimonial: Claire (UK 2016) - I was in a dark, lonely and painful internal place when I arrived at Montrose Manor. I didn't want to exist and I don't know how I made the journey from England feeling the way I did. My ED was running riot and I couldn't stop what I was doing, no matter how much I Read More
  5. Testimonial: Beth (UK 2016) - What a positive journey I have been on... I did not know what to expect when I arrived in South Africa & what amazing things Montrose Manor could do for me. All I knew was that I had hit rock bottom & that I needed help. Montrose Manor had been highly recommended to me by Read More
  6. Testimonial: Anonymous (Australia 2016) - After 10 years of battling my Eating Disorder, I arrived at Montrose Manor exhausted and desperate for help. My life had become a living hell, my family relationships were in tatters, I was exhausted from all the lies. I was prepared to hand myself over completely, but I was still not quite prepared for the Read More
  7. Testimonial: Emma (UK 2016) - I came to Montrose after having 8 weeks inpatient treatment in the UK. This was a very hard decision for me to make as I have two children and a husband, however I can honestly say this is the best decision of my life. I arrived here very scared and initially upset at all the Read More
  8. Testimonial: HF (South Africa 2016) - How does one start off with a testimonial which changed your life ? There is so much to say. I came to Montrose with this Idea in my head that I would get a meal plan and a strict Gym program. To my surprise it was the complete opposite. What an experience it was for Read More
  9. Testimonial: Suzanne (Netherlands 2016) - I came to Montrose Manor after finding the website on google. I was in desperate hopeless place. I've had an eating disorder since early childhood and for many years tried to recover in my native country. I was truly stuck, the psychiatric care in Holland has been insufficient too and I didn't know what to Read More
  10. Testimonial: Alex (UK – 2016) - I was on my knees upon arriving at Montrose Manor. After suffering with my eating disorder for over a decade, Montrose Manor has given me the life I had been longing for. I found my experience here so rewarding. Tough but rewarding and so worth the effort and battle. Montrose Manor has given me a Read More
  11. Testimonial: Hannah (UK – 2016) - My time at Montrose has been simultaneously one of the hardest and most rewarding of my adult life.  From being here I have come to terms with the fact that I have no control over my eating disorder, and that self-will or “I’ll do better tomorrow” are impossible promises to keep. On a most base Read More
  12. testimonial2-may-2015 - It took me 6 weeks and time out with my boyfriend to realize that it wasn’t going to be that easy. I struggled a lot and I know that I will keep on struggling but my stay at Montrose has taught me that that is OK. I don’t have to be perfect there is no Read More
  13. TESTIMONIAL: MARCH 2015 - I arrived at Montrose Manor expecting to be given the opportunity to recover on my terms. Thankfully I discovered how wrong I was pretty quickly. I came from a different treatment center where I had done 6 weeks of primary care for my Eating Disorder and expected to arrive at Montrose and be able to Read More
  14. TESTIMONIAL: MARCH 2015 - I arrived at Montrose Manor in early December 2014 after hitting what must have been rock bottom. I was exhausted. Exhausted from the denial of my depleting state of mind and the lengths I was constantly going to, to hide my problems from myself as well as those closest to me who had been witnesses Read More
  15. TESTIMONIAL: MARCH 2015 - Montrose has been a very positive experience for me. Bring in a group where everyone understands what you are struggling with has helped me a lot. I got a lot of support from the community and the nurses and I felt accepted and part of the group. For me that was a new experience but Read More
  16. TESTIMONIAL: APRIL 2015 - When I was at home I always wanted to control everything especially my sister. When I was busy with other people then I did not have to focus on myself, on my own feelings. I always ate the same things at the same time and if I could not eat something else then I would Read More
  17. TESTIMONIAL: FEBRUARY 2015 - Montrose has changed my life. It was the miracle that I have always looked for to help me recover from my ED which I have suffered from for over 20 years. It’s approach is tough and loving. The Counseling Team is just phenomenal. Their experience, expertise and knowledge of ED’s are incredible and they are Read More
  18. TESTIMONIAL: MARCH 2015 - I found this experience so helpful to be around people who really understood each other. Montrose has been able to provide me with a new and positive outlook to my life. Montrose and the Team have given me support, hard truths and new ways of coping which I wouldn’t have got anywhere else. My experience Read More
  19. TESTIMONIAL: FEBRUARY 2015 - Full of fear and deniaI upon arrival – unable to see the way forward – the warmth and support of Montrose, the community, the Team I shall never forget that real acceptance of those around me. Something I’m not sure I’ve ever fully experienced before. It’s been a journey – full of transient “ups and Read More
  20. TESTIMONIAL: APRIL 2015 - The treatment at Montrose Manor by far exceeded my expectations. The Counseling Team works as a fantastic unit and the Treatment Programme addresses a range of issues relevant to people with Eating Disorders. Beautiful setting, competent staff and a programme that is sustainable.   NAMIBIAN Client 25 years old